Its time for a change!

Let’s be real, you’ve got a plan for most things in your life.

You spent hours crafting your resume and networking to land your dream job. You spend time improving yourself and striving for your goals. Your trainer is on speed dial and you’ve already booked your Airbnb for your next birthday trip. You’re a planner, a preparer, and a go getter! So why do you expect the partner man to just appear?

Dating requires a clear goal and a solid strategy just like everything else you’ve accomplished. That’s where I come in, as a coach I help you first get clear on who you are so you understand your needs in a relationship, next we’ll create a plan to get there using proven strategies. I use a combination of energy, manifestation, and good old fashioned intuition to help you find the partner compliments the amazing person you are.

Join the Broom List Matchmaking!

“ The first and only matchmaking firm dedicated to pairing educated, successful, marriage-minded, Black singles”

The Broom List is an exclusive matchmaking service for successful black singles. I personally interview every qualified applicant and each member is hand selected and must meet a comprehensive set of requirements.

Are you ready to join the Broom List?

  • Are you a single Black professional?
  • Are you ready for a long term relationship or marriage?
  • Are you 28 years or older?
  • Are you college-educated?
  • Do you earn $75K+ annually?

Yes to everything, I’m Ready to apply for the Broom List

Swiped Right

Swiped Right helps you to optimize your online dating life with lessons and group activities over a four week period. You’ll learn how to set dating goals, overcome roadblocks, create a standout profile, and master the in-person approach (the quarantine won’t last forever!).

After each lesson, you’ll have to complete a challenge and upload a video of it to the Swiped Right app. The Swiped Right community – as well as coach Tennesha – will be there to give you feedback. At the end of the course, you’ll be ready to return to the dating scene with complete confidence.

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